Peertube is a p2p (peer to peer) video platform available to self-host which provides a broadly similar platform to youtube, and in fact allows synchronisation ie downloading videos from youtube channels and transcoding just like youtube does. The instance on this server exists at

and is provided as a mirror for many instances hosted elsewhere with some nice plugins basically to help boost peertube visibility. Like many of the services provided here it has decent federation tools along with RSS and other tools to follow, subscribe and comment on videos. Sharing is also available to social media and websites including embedding.

Peertube currently doesn’t have any promotion as standard, or adverts, and keeps the bare minimum of data about users and videos. This provides a much cleaner and nicer user experience but obviously as instances power varies and instances have varied plugins and themes it can vary somewhat. The advantage of federation and small instances is that you could have an instance all about steam railways for example and the videos would be only on that topic.

This instance is at the latest peertube version which is 6.0.3 at the time of this post and has a smattering of plugins including livechat and 360 video support. To check out the small amount of 360 videos then see the channel HERE

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