ActivityPub v Bluesky “fight”

The post below has actually made me laugh this morning, I think I’m quite easy going but some of those comments are far from that. We are at a bit of a crossroads social media/network time as it appears that for a lot of people the old skool networks are falling out of fashion (re: Facebook and Twitter/x) and people are beginning to want to see less ads and bots through various new platforms. They also seem to want to be able to join a platform/instance that is aligned to themselves more than a free for all system (think joining an LBGTQ+ instance which means you can see just those posts)

Now of course people don’t want to see the whole social media platforms connected nicely and playing nicely. We users don’t want to really see a fight to the death with platforms falling away as the amount of platforms, I believe, is quite healthy. I also see that choosing a federated instance like a Mastodon server as a good thing, see my bit above re: instance choices. Of course, you can also block instances, and that is a whole new ball game and one that the article above seems to pretty much gloss over. I wouldn’t block instances lightly, we do still need some free speech after all, but of course I’d also be proactive and ensure that I am ahead of the curve before it becomes an issue. I can, however, see many admins blocking all bluesky or threads instances based on the reputation of those platforms already. Threads has already become pretty weird with lots of “single” woman fighting for attention, like a free OnlyFans. I mean Instagram is already full of pretty girls having huge followers, and I’m hoping these trends don’t continue. I like Alisha Lehmann like the rest of us…. but enough is enough!

So, in summary, it’s early days but the “fight” is on. These social networks can, and should, exist together but perhaps separately. CLick bait titles apart there are interesting times ahead

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