Facebooks desperation to keep engagement tactics

I have started to see a bit of a backlash against Facebooks constant need to please it’s shareholders and keep engagement and then income/profit high. A great example of this is the way that they will push groups and pages they think you will be interested in, allow you to comment on them, and then subscribe you to that group/page if the admins have allowed it thus meaning you then see that groups/pages post in your newsfeed. Combine that with the pretty much hated @everyone @highlight @mention tags and most people I know get really annoyed really quickly. I recently removed myself from over 1000 groups I hadn’t signed up for because FB deemed it necessary to show me that content and sign me up. Now as I am getting old (50+) I hate this coercive behaviour to push content I don’t want my way. I am much happier with some of the old style social media platforms where I just see what I want, in chronological order. Yes, I am old, grumpy and old skool and proud of it!

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