Threads overtakes X/Twitter on daily active users!

I’ve seen it reported on a few websites (so far all paywalled/access controlled) that Meta Threads has overtaken X/Twitter on daily active users. This is a really big thing for both – the rise of Threads and decline of X is showing how the running of both is instrumental in their useage.
Now personally – I rarely even look at X/Twitter these days. Too many issues for me for what once was an easy scroll through, something that Threads is. This isn’t to say that Threads is perfect, far from it – still only shows you what IT wants you to see…. but as an easy scroll it is way ahead already.
I do have to be clear that this data is in the US – but that is home turf for both these platforms, and also shows that Meta stranglehold on the social media world grows and grows.

Fo me, it is very clear that the majority of users are beginning to despise Elon. It is getting to be that his erratic behaviour is bringing down X and also starting to affect Tesla again as they struggle as well….

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