Twitter – descending into mediocrity?

The bad news for Twitter continues after a major spat with Australia about free speech backfires. This article in the UK (Guardian) kinda resonates with me. I haven’t posted on X/Twitter in years as it just doesn’t appeal any more to me and what I think about social media in 2024. It appears (at least in the UK) that only people who regard the numbers game as the only metric continue to use the service but as you can’t really find out the info any more because ironically Mr Musk doesn’t want free speech that criticises him yet any other speech IS free, you can’t really make any sense of how important the service is any longer. The news however that Threads has more daily users suggest that X/Twitter is rapidly becoming a mediocre social media service is hard to ignore as Threads really is a pared down experience. So onto the Guardian article – it is a decent read, just to understand how things are going in 2024…

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  1. April 28, 2024

    @ade yup! if it wasn't obvious from Oct. 2022 lol

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