Facebook increases use of AI

I’m hearing multiple reports that soon Facebook/Meta will start using ANYTHING you post to Facebook including links to things like Youtube to train their AI systems. The real issue here is that this is opt-out so you have to actually opt-out using a form to say you don’t want your work being used to train AI and they will CONSIDER your request. So even opting out means they will use your data. To put this simply, if you are a musician, by promoting your work on Facebook means you are forfeiting the copyright of your stuff and helping to train AI to make an equivalent for free. The days of using FB/Meta to promote yourself are over people as they will just use your work and sell it on whilst you get paid nada/nowt/nuffink! Youtube already sells your data to train AI including livestreams and so does Twitch so if you want to keep music and artists from descending into AI only it is time to find a different way to promote yourself and your music. I believe it is time to go back to olde fashioned gigs again! Remember this includes EVERYTHING you have posted down the years so perhaps you will have to look at removing everything from these platforms or suffer the consequences in the years ahead…

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