The AI backlash is beginning….

I am starting to see increased hostility against the AI crusade right now. Many people aren’t bothered but that has shown up as the massive drop in engagement and posts on social media in 2024 but those that are are beginning to show it. Methods of how to remove the AI search in google are cropping up everywhere with workarounds easily being shown and in fact whole website that remove the AI features and revert back to a “normal” search again. I am also seeing plenty of people saying they will remove masses of content and even leave platforms due to AI learning using their data…
Change is a comin folks – I’m afraid that a lot of things I’ve been saying for months are happening. Engagement on things is so low unless it is certain things and social media seems to becoming a young persons thing again, and don’t talk to me about the rise in clickbait everywhere…

The above website is an AI free google powered search website. So like google used to be…. I’m sure google will close the loophole soon though! As an aside there has been a lot of talk about Bing powered search engines being down today. It appears that Microsoft Azure issues were to blame but I am also hearing that a huge spike in traffic as users shift away from google and try other search engines hasn’t helped with Duck Duck Go (powered by Bing) down and it has already said it is experiencing much higher traffic than usual. It will be interesting to see what happens short term as this AI revolution appears to be backfiring right now

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