goes all tweetdeck like! the desktop Threads experience has had an upgrade and it is now all tweetdeck like (if you can remember that). Now there are issues with threads, like privacy and the fact that Le Zuck owns it, but one of the things I like is this interface and how it is generally quick and easy to use. Here is my desktop just now and it is clean and easy to use.

Now straight away you’ll see that already threads has an issue with celebrity pictures posts with good old Scarlett there – but I just literally chose my desktop as was with Charlize underneath. This is an issue across all the social media platforms these days with threads being exactly like Instagram in that respect. But you can now pin extra columns, get it how YOU like and generally make it work pretty well on a browser with all the added help that brings like being able to bring in pictures not taken with your phone with the limited memory they have these days. So all in all, a decent upgrade and a step in the right direction. Read the article underneath for more details, but personally I think this is pretty awesome…

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