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I received the message from Facebook/Meta relating to AI late last night and I decided to give it a post of it’s own rather than update the previous post regarding this.

A couple of things here to note – the wording of legitimate interests mean that basically they can and will use your work if you post it up or link to it because of how Meta embeds info as you agreed to it in the terms of service whenever you signed up for Facebook. They believe it is necessary for both Facebook to work and to further how it works. Next up is that there is a right to object and if your objection is honoured it will be applied going forward. We all know how bad Facebook is about things like this so the chances are pretty slim that they won’t sell everything you have uploaded to Facebook (they 100% will have already done it several times over….) and there is a tiny chance they will let you off the hook, and I mean tiny chance so your stuff will continue to be used. Now I’m no legal expert here but the EU isn’t going to like this one bit, so imagine yet another lawsuit coming Metas way. But that could take years so if you want to be safe – don’t upload your stuff PERIOD – in fact don’t upload it to youtube or anywhere and link to it because they will use it then as well – heck youtube has already sold your data anyhoo but that’s another matter. We are at a real privacy crossroads here – the fact that there are well over 2 billion Facebook accounts makes this the biggest privacy and data selling issue of all time, dwarfing anything that has come before it. If things pan out the way they look like they are going to with AI then uploading your content anywhere will be a risky business with serious consequences

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