Why X/Twitter remains relevant

Despite Elon Musks attempt to sabotage X/Twitter and make it profitable, I often ask/get asked why X/Twitter is still useful and relevant, and 90% of the time the same answers come back. Firstly, for a lot of people like celebrities, X/Twitter is still a great platform for numbers. If you have 2 million followers you aren’t gonna get anything like those numbers easily elsewhere right now with perhaps the exception of Threads (which has overtaken X/Twitter in the US in most metrics). If you start now on threads you are going to have to work at it, probably along WITH X/Twitter to get an audience, and some people, well better the devil you know. A lot of the older celebrities are just not going to move right now unless there is a huge drop in Twitter numbers and they start to be another tumbleweed though social media. It would take, say, a 90% drop in followers for people to think about moving, and that time has probably already gone for a large amount. I also am often told that these people have no wish to start learning about a new platform whilst X/Twitter is still functioning alright for them. This is pretty true – why move things wholesale when your X/Twitter feed is active and has been for say 5+ years.

So just to recap this short post – until a time that X/Twitter is like a desert town with hardly any traffic, it will continue to plod along just fine. However, as threads takes over in many metrics then people will just have to jump ship to maintain the same sort of social media presence and just to get things out there. That tipping point isn’t anywhere near happening for lots of people yet though!
Until then – X/Twitter will remain relevant for many…

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