X.com has issues with privacy and cookies

Plenty of people reporting that now Twitter is totally assimilated into x.com that there are various issues with cookies and firefox and privacy in general. This is because changing a domain isn’t ever really transparent and also because Elon is a megalomaniac and cares little about the users and privacy and more about actually trying to make some cash as the service continues to leak money like a sieve. I’m pretty sure that these issues will bring it under a lot more scrutiny – especially from the EU and the DSA (Digital Services Act) but I doubt Elon will care, and also helps push users onto the app with all the security issues and algorithms that brings along with it. This move will truly make or break X and as it is falling behind threads and Meta in many ways I’m saying this is a break move…

x.com issues

*EDIT* Firefox has issued a response saying they are working on a fix for this issue!

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