Instagram and trying to opt-out of AI training

I had hoped that despite my fears that meta would make it next to impossible to opt-out of Ai training shenanigans this article comes along and confirms how difficult they made it and how only EU (and UK) residents are the only people allowed to opt-out. This of course means my suspicions that your data has already been sold multiple times, and that Meta are only doing this to attempt to avoid a massive fine and probable changes or maybe even banning in the EU and UK are true.

I can see a time in the near future when you won’t be able to share data/links as we have done for years on Facebook and Instagram if Meta continue down this route on a “free” account. Of course this is Metas plan, and has been all along – do an X/Twitter and get people to stump up a subscription. My fwiends in the UK are vehemently against this though, with a near 100% committment to leaving the platform if you have to pay – I have said this all along, eventually that time will come, and a “free” account will be next to worthless. If you use youtube it is already widely known that your data has been sold to train AI – if you need any more proof of that see my article on another of my websites about AI and Depeche Mode HERE

Of course this just shows what Meta is like, and I do urge people that if they CAN leave they do, but also delete all their data on Meta. It’s just not worth it IMHO

ai music
ai music
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