Luma Dream Machine

A new AI video generation tool is available to try for free (30 generations a month) now called Luma Dream Machine. This tool generates 5 seconds of 24 fps video in around 2 minutes (busy right now so there is some queuing) and well, the quality is pretty decent seeing as it launched yesterday!
This kind of thing will only get better and I’m guessing paid accounts will get newer features and the ability to create longer videos soon.

Pricing for accounts is as follows

Free – 30 generations a month

Standard priced at $29.99 a month gives you 120 generations

Pro is $99.99 a month and gives you 400 generations

Premier is $499.99 (!) a month and gives you 2000 generations.

I think the pricing is pretty steep right now, but for testing on the free plan is reasonable. I also imagine, though could not confirm, that paid plans DO NOT watermark the videos. What is interesting, though in my testing it was admittedly poor, is the ability to upload a picture and place that in the video. See the example below of a pretty poor video generated with a random photo of me I found

It’s not great is it? Anyway – again, this is bound to improve over time. So enough waffling from moi – below are just a few examples I made. Please let me know what you think!

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